Things Old People Do for Fun

Though the definition of “fun” may be the same for everyone, young or old, what constitutes “fun” is certainly a matter of taste, experience, and maturity.

Though your idea of fun may change dramatically as you age, however, there are a handful of activities that are off-limits to those with good health, but despite that, some older individuals from the assisted living newport beach desire more leisure and a social element to what they take part in to have fun.

Here are some ideas for seniors to do.

  • Board Games

With the number of board games to pick from, it’s almost impossible to narrow the list down enough to satisfy everyone’s taste but suffice it to mention that board games give seniors an opportunity to get around with their loved ones and talk or simply enjoy the game! There are many word-play games, like Bananagrams or Scrabble that are widely played as well as Monopoly or Scattergories that are fast-paced and concerned with the strategy. It would be best if you choose a board game that has pieces that are simple for everyone to grasp, including those with motor impairments. Pick a game everyone in your group is likely to enjoy (one that’s not overly difficult and isn’t too difficult for everyone who will be playing).

  • Art/Drawing/Painting

If you’ve never taken out one of these tools to make a work of art, it’s not too time to start. Many of our seniors have discovered talents were not able to discover when younger. Grandma Moses, for example, revolutionized the art world when she began to paint in her 70s and 80s to depict her childhood on an agricultural farm. After a lifetime of art, Paul Cezanne didn’t have any artistic success until his 50s and 60s, and artist Bill Traylor started sketching when he was homeless at the age of 85, producing over 1,000 paintings during his life.

  • Journaling/Writing

There are many things like writing and art that require a skilled or at the very least a mature eyes or voice in order to communicate something worthwhile and worth to others. Some of the most famous, very successful authors didn’t begin their writing careers until they reached their 60s or beyond, so if this isn’t the first time you’ve thought about putting pen to paper and creating something for other people to read, that’s okay. Laura Ingalls Wilder is a now-famous author who didn’t record her tales in writing until she reached the age of 65 old and Frank McCourt didn’t record his stories of growing up poor youth until he reached the age. If you have a story you want to share, it might be time to write it down on paper. Just write it down for your own enjoyment, make a blog, and attempt to publish your work.

  • Hiking/Nature

As people get older, their stamina declines, however it shouldn’t be a reason to hinder people from enjoying the outdoors and enjoying hiking and nature! If you don’t want to push your body beyond the limits, you can establish different goals for yourself like finding and identifying plants in the area you live in. If you reside in a part of the world that is close to an animal reservoir or a state and national park you may want to consider finding quiet locations along trails to relax and gaze at wildlife. Natural settings are rewarding places regardless of age and there’s no need to work yourself to find ways to have fun!

  • Theater

It doesn’t matter if are a volunteer for an area theater or if you gather together a group of friends and go out for a meal and entertainment at your local dinner at the theater on a regular basis! You can support the local theater community by working on lighting and sound, or by simply purchasing tickets on a regular basis to attend performances. Theaters are in constant need of support of one particular kind or another. Therefore, your presence on stage or in the audience will be appreciated very much. Theaters are an excellent location to experiment with new ideas and socialize with a group of friends.

  • Go to the Local Senior Center

Check out the local senior center to see what kind of entertainment options they offer their customers. The seniors’ center is a great spot to meet people within your age bracket with similar interests. You might decide to have a meal there several times a week for a social gathering or to attend events that are scheduled! In addition to fun activities, some senior centers offer health screenings and essential services for seniors within the communities they serve. If you’ve got a specific skill like a nursing or nutrition degree, you might be able to provide your expertise as a source of information to seniors there. It’s a way to provide an outlet that would help you maintain your expertise while contributing something worthwhile to the community.

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