Are you thinking of going spearfishing while you’re going on your next vacation? Find out more about the top 10 spots to fish across the globe. Spearfishing is a long-standing and powerful tradition.

The use of spears to capture fish for centuries dates back to the beginning of time. The oldest official record dates to the year 16,000 and is located in Cosquer Cave in France, with paintings of Harpooned seals meaning their spearfishing equipment was similar to ours. There’s something very special regarding hunting methods that were in use thousands of years ago and are still utilized today.

The Scottish novelist John Buchan once said, “The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.” This “charm” that Buchan talks about is a tenfold experience when you step out of the normal box of fishing and decide to tackle it using the spear.

The world is filled with amazing locations for spearfishing. Take a look at our list of the places you should visit to experience the joys of spearfishing.


Bali is the most loved vacation spot in Indonesia. Its ancient temples are surrounded by clear emerald waters that you’ll be hard-pressed to find any other place on earth that is as beautiful. It is believed that the dogtooth tuna is a big attraction, as are dolphinfish, sailfish, Spanish mackerel, as well as the huge Trevally. Dogtooth tuna could be larger than 250pounds or more. Enormous trevally has been observed to grow to as high as 175. Thus, taking a trip to Bali is a chance to swim with monster fish in surreal and stunning surroundings. In the depths, you can look around for other marine species, including giant moray eels as well as hammerhead sharks, and a giant manta ray.


Another location with deep traditional and traditional spearfishing ties is on the islands of Hawaii. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to experience spears of Hawaiian kind of spear, or pole spear, it’s likely that you have an idea about how enthusiastic spears from Hawaii are. Traditionally, Lawai’a were the most respected spearfishers in the community. They would pass down their skills to the younger Generation of Hawai’i. However, spearfishing is alive and well. There is no shortage of Mahi or ono, billfish, ahi, and barracuda on the Hawaiian seas, which is why the restaurants of Hawaii serve such amazing seafood. Even though scuba fishing isn’t permitted on the western islands of Hawaii, there are still many excellent spots to go to. Since there are eight different islands that make up the country of Hawaii and there are many options to pick from.


The Pacific Halibut, which is plentiful along the shores of California is the ultimate spearfisher’s delight. As the largest flatfish in the world, they have the potential to be your individual Moby Dick. One year ago, a fishing spear caught a Pacific halibut that weighed 482 pounds. (And there’s no way that’s an error. It was 482 pounds. This is two Brett Favres, plus some.) It’s easy to spot these monsters up and down the entire coast, however, when you must pick just one place, San Diego is known for its fishing aficionados. In order to get such a large reward, you might have put in some more effort, however. Pacific halibut are known for fighting a tough fight when they’re caught, which is why you should have a buddy along during this particular fishing trip. You’ll also find plenty of other fish in the Golden State, including halibut white and striped marine bass, red snapper sheephead, yellowtail, barracuda, and Bonita.

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